December/January 2013/2014

Theme: Nursing Overseas
CPD4 Nurses:
Constipation and diarrhoea
Feature Articles
Dargaville asthma nurse Sue Armstrong
Motivational interviewing to change health behaviours by Miriam Walter
Nurse educator’s experience of being a patient. by Judy Seccombe,
Account of experience in the short stay unit by Penny Mackay,
Clinical quality by Jane O’Malley,
Changing the cervical smear experience by Maureen Pene
Nursing Overseas:
A student nurse’s experience nursing in Kolkota by Jessica Hardegger,
Ethical volunteering by Margaret Reid,
Burkina Faso by Kaye Macdonald,
A reflection of voluntary work in Samoa by Marian Lippiatt (about working with Samoan Spinal Network)
Plus sector reports and news and events