May issue

Theme: Palliative Care
Feature Articles
Jan Wiechern. CNS palliative/oncology West Coast; Willem Vink, NP Christchurch Hospital
Practice: Nga Tangata Whakamana: Whanau based nursing care at the end of life by Tess Moeke-Maxwell
Practice/viewpoint:Aroha and mannakitanga – that’s what we need by Vanessa Eldrige
Viewpoint: Jacqui Bowden-Tucker, chair of the Palliative Care Nurses NZ
Viewpoint: Improved health literacy an important tool for reducing cancer rates contributed by Workbase
Viewpoint: Hospice care in the eyes of a young migrant nurse by Junel Padigos
News Focus: Conversations that count: Advance care planning
News Focus: Fight the fakes – fake medicines are everybody’s business by David Benton ICN
Industrial Focus: New bill on domestic violence by Cee Payne
Professionally Yours by Hilary Graham-Smith
Plus sector reports