November 2012 issue

Themes: Infection control,
Education supplement
CPD4 Nurses – Antibiotics and resistance
Editorial: Jane Barnett – The big picture of infection control :and hand washing as an ongoing issue
Feature Articles
Profile: Terry Rings – infection control nurse consultant CMDHB
Profile: presidential candidates
Practice: Infection control issues in aged care , in particular managing outbreaks of scabies by Julie Daltry
Burkholderia ceoacia outbreak NICU Waikato DHB by Jude Young
Preventing sharps injuries by Susie Rich
Professional focus: Implications of unregistered staff administering medications by Lorraine Richie
News Focus: Norovirus outbreaks- Middlemore and Tauranga Hospitals,
The Health and Safety and Quality Commission’s IC projects by Debbie Jowitt