November 2014

Theme: Aged Care and Education Supplement
Profile: Jed Montayre
Practice: Hoarding behaviour by Bernie Burns,
The ACE model: integrating acute care with rehabilitation for elderly patients by Maerlese Weaver and Judith Gavin, Resuscitation the New Zealabd Way by Sheryl Eden,
Cultural safety and Maori patients in aged care residential care settings (reflection on a seven week student placement) by Jenn Chamberlain,
A model of integrated care for caregivers by Noel Daniel,
News Focus: Maori nurses facing discrimination when applying for NETP places
Professional focus: Retirement options for older nurses by Lorraine Ritchie
Viewpoint: Clinical supervision of RNs in aged care + case study of RN having supervision by Vivien Rogers,
The language of nursing by Jackie McHaffie, Lecturer, Wintec
Plus sector reports