April 2013 issue

Theme: Closing the Gap:Millennium Develpoment Goals (Reducing child mortlity,Inproving maternal health, combatting HIV/Aids, Malaria and other illnesses
CPD4 Nurses: Raised Intracranial Pressure
Feature Articles
Practice: Diabetes Type 1 cases study by Sue Bennett (about overcoming barriers to health care in rural areas.)
Practice: Introducing intravenous therapies as a nursing innovation in primary health by Cathy Lindsay.
Practice: Nurse insertion of Jadelle contraceptive implant immediately post abortion by Helen Roberts
News Focus: The effects of health cuts on health equality – analysis by Don Matheson at the CCDHB and an interview with Angela Baldwin, How Plunket is addressing health equality
News Focus: IND theme, and CCDM round up by Jane Lawless
Viewpoint:Recommendation for changes to child health after undertaking a Margaret May Blackwell travel study fellowship in 2012 by Judy McHardy
In depth article : Issues facing regulatory bodies by Teresa O’Connor