December 2021

This month we look at challenges facing nurses in the under-pressure aged care sector: Sometimes a love of working with the elderly simply isn’t enough.

We share the story of Mahina Adams, a Māori-Frenchwoman and registered nurse who worked through the first wave of COVID-19 in Paris.

And we take a deep dive into the intricacies of the COVID-19 vaccination mandate, fighting misinformation, and convincing colleagues to get jabbed

August 2020

Palliative care is the theme for the August issue, with a range of practice, profile and education articles. We profile NZNO’s new board candidates and offer readers an analysis of some of the major issues facing the country as it prepares for the General Election on September 19. District health board pay negotiations continue.

April 2020

Our theme this month is International Nurses Day which, this year, marks Florence Nightingale’s bicentenary. Responses to her legacy within some nursing quarters in New Zealand have been mixed. These differing views will be examined. We will also profile some nursing pioneers of Aotearoa over the last century and a quarter, and will continue our investigation into the issue of bullying in nursing.

November 2019

Aged care is the theme this month. The issue will include profiles of a caregiver, a clinical nurse manager and a hospital manager. Other articles will look at old age and pain, and the benefits of having an advanced care plan. CPD4 Nurses tackles delirium and how to manage it

The issue will also include an education supplement

November 2019

The November issue has aged care as its main theme.

The issue will also feature an education supplement

October 2018

Our October issue covers the NZNO annual general meeting and conference, which has the theme Health is a Human Right. This includes the announcement of the Young Nurse of the Year and the new leaders of the National Student Unit. The Minister of Health David Clark will open the conference.

Two practice articles discuss how to reduce orthopaedic infections and practising responsible intravenous cannulation.


The themes for the April issue are International Nurses Day (IND) and nurses’ involvement in World War One. The issue will feature a number of articles exploring how Kai Tiaki covered the war, the formation of the New Zealand Army Nursing Service in January 1915 and nurses’ impressions and stories as told in letters published in the journal from 1915-1918.
“Nurses: A force for change, care effective, cost effective”, is the theme for IND. Kai Tiaki will profile a number of nursing initiatives around the country which illustrate nurses delivering effective services for their patients.
CPD4Nurses will explore the role of electrotherapies.

February 2014

Theme: A focus on students
Why should nursing students keep studying, given the current employment situation, by Kathy Holloway
Feature Articles
Patient positioning in Stills Disease: A first year student nurse reflects on the experience of providing comfort by Martin Christensen
What does the nursing role of caring look like in a bicultural society? by Donna McCraken (written as a 2nd year student),
Nursing culture: a view from fresh eyes by Jasmine Nixon (3rd year student),
Confessions of a hospital administrator (in praise of nursing) by John Mitchell former Canadian hospital CEO,
News Focus:
The use of simulation in nursing schools.

Update of graduate employment by Teresa O’Connor
Plus sector reports and news and events
CPD4 Nurses:

April 2013 issue

Theme: Closing the Gap:Millennium Develpoment Goals (Reducing child mortlity,Inproving maternal health, combatting HIV/Aids, Malaria and other illnesses
CPD4 Nurses: Raised Intracranial Pressure
Feature Articles
Practice: Diabetes Type 1 cases study by Sue Bennett (about overcoming barriers to health care in rural areas.)
Practice: Introducing intravenous therapies as a nursing innovation in primary health by Cathy Lindsay.
Practice: Nurse insertion of Jadelle contraceptive implant immediately post abortion by Helen Roberts
News Focus: The effects of health cuts on health equality – analysis by Don Matheson at the CCDHB and an interview with Angela Baldwin, How Plunket is addressing health equality
News Focus: IND theme, and CCDM round up by Jane Lawless
Viewpoint:Recommendation for changes to child health after undertaking a Margaret May Blackwell travel study fellowship in 2012 by Judy McHardy
In depth article : Issues facing regulatory bodies by Teresa O’Connor

December 2012 Issue

Themes: Nursing overseas,
South Pacific Nurses’ Forum and End of life debate
CPD4 Nurses – Nausea and vomiting
Editorial: Teresa O’Connnor – Looking back at the year/ parallels between the consequences of deregulation in the mining industry and proposed deregulation in nursing
Feature Articles
Profile: A flight nurse
Nursing Overseas: Letter from Cindy Gibb working in Tajikistan
Nursing Overseas: All in a day’s work by Maria Foxley-Kuo
Nursing Overseas: Volunteering, nursing in Cambodia by Tessa Johnson
News Focus: Coverage of the South Pacific Nurses’ Forum
News Focus: Bringing compassion back into nursing an interview with Robin Youngson
Viewpoint: Where to for NP’s by Rosemary Minto
Viewpoint: End-of-life-choice Bill debate by Glyn Havill
Viewpoint: End-of-life-choice Bill debate by Jenny Nichols