December 2012 Issue

Themes: Nursing overseas,
South Pacific Nurses’ Forum and End of life debate
CPD4 Nurses – Nausea and vomiting
Editorial: Teresa O’Connnor – Looking back at the year/ parallels between the consequences of deregulation in the mining industry and proposed deregulation in nursing
Feature Articles
Profile: A flight nurse
Nursing Overseas: Letter from Cindy Gibb working in Tajikistan
Nursing Overseas: All in a day’s work by Maria Foxley-Kuo
Nursing Overseas: Volunteering, nursing in Cambodia by Tessa Johnson
News Focus: Coverage of the South Pacific Nurses’ Forum
News Focus: Bringing compassion back into nursing an interview with Robin Youngson
Viewpoint: Where to for NP’s by Rosemary Minto
Viewpoint: End-of-life-choice Bill debate by Glyn Havill
Viewpoint: End-of-life-choice Bill debate by Jenny Nichols