October 2020

The October issue will cover the NZNO annual conference and annual general meeting, held via Zoom this year. Speakers at the conference included University of Otago professor Michael Baker and Auditor General John Ryan. There will be an interview with NZNO’s newly elected president, Christchurch mental health nurse Heather Symes. Other featured articles will be on Parkinson’s Disease and the nurses who specialise in this area, the links between health and climate change and the effective use of personal protective equipment.

August 2020

Palliative care is the theme for the August issue, with a range of practice, profile and education articles. We profile NZNO’s new board candidates and offer readers an analysis of some of the major issues facing the country as it prepares for the General Election on September 19. District health board pay negotiations continue.

July 2020

Primary health care is the theme for our July issue. It features articles on a number of new initiatives submitted by nurses from around the country. Articles examine how primary health care nurses coped and adapted their practice during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in New Zealand and how changes are continuing into the future. There will also be an analysis of recommendations in the recently released Health and Disability System Review. Our professional education feature focuses on the self-management of long-term conditions.

May 2020

The May issue will continue analysing the nursing response to Covid-19, particularly over the last level 4 lockdown period. There’ll be interviews with nurses and midwives around the country about how they are responding to the pandemic and how their practice has changed. There will be a particular focus on aged care, where most fatal infections have occurred. Our professional education article will look at the experiences and self-management of pain in patients with long-term conditions. Personal protection equipment is the subject of our professional focus article

April 2020

Our theme this month is International Nurses Day which, this year, marks Florence Nightingale’s bicentenary. Responses to her legacy within some nursing quarters in New Zealand have been mixed. These differing views will be examined. We will also profile some nursing pioneers of Aotearoa over the last century and a quarter, and will continue our investigation into the issue of bullying in nursing.

March 2020

Sexual health is the theme of our March issue. There will be profiles of nurses working in sexual health care to young people and in sexual assault care, while others look at how to improve access and equity to long-acting reversible contraception and the issue of consent for intimate examinations. We will also be continuing our series on bullying, with a senior nurse telling her bullying story.

February 2020

We begin the year with a focus on nursing education and issues facing students. We will also introduce a planned series of articles on the thorny issue of bullying in nursing – of students, particularly when on clinical placement, and of novice nurses by more senior nurses. Articles written by students include one on bridging the theory to practice gap, and another on peer mentor-ship in nursing schools. 

November 2019

Aged care is the theme this month. The issue will include profiles of a caregiver, a clinical nurse manager and a hospital manager. Other articles will look at old age and pain, and the benefits of having an advanced care plan. CPD4 Nurses tackles delirium and how to manage it

The issue will also include an education supplement

November 2019

The November issue has aged care as its main theme.

The issue will also feature an education supplement

July 2019

Our July issue will present a variety of articles, in what could be described as a winter ‘pot pouri of delights’. Issues to be covered range from the impact of climate change on nurses’ future work, to research into the merits of blister-paced medication and the importance of nurses maintaining patients’ oral care.

Our continuing professional development article will focus on understanding diuretics.